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Dirty Ceiling?
Ceiling Doctor has the Rx For:
Aging ceilings - renewal or renovation
Dust residue around vents and diffusers
Ink residue around copiers and printers
Water stains
Grease in food service areas
Ceiling Doctor restores all types of ceilings - acoustic or vinyl, in T-bars or "tongue-in-groove" spline systems. Our patented spraying process uses a blend of PH-balanced detergents and whiteners to return almost any ceiling to like-new condition.
Colored tiles? Our coating can be tinted to match.


Ceiling Doctor was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1984.
We've been serving customers in Northern Ohio since 1990.
Our Ohio clients include:
Health Care ~ Real Estate
Financial Institutions ~ Restaurants
and more!



Tough Ceiling Problems?

Ceiling - Before and After

Ceiling Doctor's coating delivers a clean, uniform look on ceilings pocked by stained and chipped tiles. Our coating has a Class A fire-retardant rating, and it won't cause tiles to stick to the T-bar grid work.
Ceiling Doctor's unique process and blend of PH-balanced detergents and whiteners are in full compliance with EPA and OSHA regulations. All of our solutions are biodegradable and environmentally safe. We can provide Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on our detergents and whiteners. Call or e-mail us for complete information.


Ceiling Doctor

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